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Hope N Literacy International Foundation, Inc. was organized in 2004, by its President / Founder

Joe (Josue) Raymond, for the purpose of advancing the religious and academic education of the children and adults of the village of Casse-Pied, Haiti.

Casse-Pied is located 152 miles NW of Port Au Prince. It sits on top of a remote mountain where there is no running water, no electric power, and before Hope N Literacy, no church or school building.

Prior to Hope N Literacy, the children were required to walk 5 miles down the mountain to the near-by village of Jean Rabel. Only the strongest children could make the difficult round trip down and up the mountain, along dirt paths and washed roads. As a result many children never received even a basic education.




Hope N Literacy has built a small building at the top of the mountain. It serves as a church on Sunday where up to 150 men, women and children come to worship. The building is too small so when the congregation exceeds 50-70, they must meet outside, weather permitting. During the week the building functions as a school for 137 children.


In addition, the foundation provides all the teaching materials, books, papers, and pencils for the children in the school. The funds needed to support this missionary effort come through free will offerings from concerned Christians.


In an effort to support ongoing ministry in Haiti, the foundation has given a scholarship to Daniel Descarte, for a four year seminary education. Daniel, is committed to support Hope N Literacy’s ongoing missionary efforts, upon graduation. The foundation’s obligation for Daniel’s education is $250. per month.


We may not see Haiti in our news every day, but the needs of Haitian families are still overwhelming. The effects of disaster, disease, illiteracy and Voodoo are crippling. Many are without hope, but there's a spiritual openness like never before. God has given us a window of opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the Haitian people and their world. 


This is a time of opportunity; it is time for you and me and Hope N Literacy to do all we can to impact Haiti by providing hope through education, and we appreciate all the help we can get.

We thank God for faithful supporters of this very special ministry. If you would like to help Hope N Literacy bring hope to the people of Casse-Pied through education, we welcome your donation.

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